NPDES Inspections

Environmental Consulting Services For Your Next Project

We specialize in NPDES inspections along with other inspection packages designed to
suit your particular project’s needs. Your inspections will be performed by a state
certified “qualified person”. All permit filings and water samples are included in
our inspections package at no additional cost. All packages also include set up, maintenance,
and removal of an on-site records book and permit box.

  • Weekly Inspections (Every 7 calendar days)
  • Post-Rainfall Inspections (within 24 hours of a qualifying rain event)
  • Monthly Inspections (for all stabilized areas)
  • All inspections performed by a professional certified in Erosion & Sedimentation control.
  • 3 Year Record Retention

Water Quality Monitoring

  • Turbidity sampling and analysis for state mandated water quality monitoring
  • Includes ALL required and additional sampling events
  • No charges for additional samples

NPDES Site Setup

  • Installation of job site permit box
  • Records book
  • Rain gauge

Notice of Intent (NOI) and Notice of Termination (NOT)

Our consultants will accurately fill out all of the paperwork required to
get your project up and running. We will be sure to properly educate you on
the fees required by the state for your particular project. We also provide
you with all of the fee forms and other necessary paperwork involved to get
your project started in a timely manner. Once your project is complete, our
consultants step in once again and fill out all of the paperwork involved for
the notice of termination for your project. Unlike other companies, we don’t
charge one dime for our NOI and NOT filings.

  • NOI Filing up to 14 days prior to project start date
  • NOT Filing of NOT when project reaches final stabilization
  • Includes all postage and handling fees (No administrative fees)